Ways to Get Discounts on Car Insurance

Tips To Get Discounts On Car Insurance

Whether it is your first time buying car insurance or you are buying a new policy for your vehicle, there are ways to get discounts on car insurance. Follow the tips mentioned in the article below to obtain significant discounts on car insurance.

Many car insurance companies offer significant discounts for cars that come installed with various safety devices such as anti-theft devices. While most new cars available in the market come with pre-installed anti-theft devices, you may also get them installed in case your car does not have one in order to get discount on car insurance.

One of the ways to save money on your car insurance is to opt for usage-based car insurance policy. This device plugs into the car and the driving data is transmitted to the insurance company which allows insurance company to tailor your insurance rates based on your driving habits. If you are a safe driver and do not drive much, a usage-based insurance policy can save you significant amount of money.

Many car insurance companies offer multiple car discount which means you can get insurance for multiple cars at a significantly lower price as compared to buying individual insurance for each car. Therefore, you should contact your insurance agent to make sure you get this discount.

You can also save some money on your car insurance policy by choosing a yearly policy instead of buying a policy every six months.

If you’re not planning to drive your car for a particular period of time, you can save money by opting for comprehensive coverage for the time period during which your car will be in storage. You should also check your mileage closely. If you have recently moved and are now driving fewer miles, it can save you some money as number of miles driven can have significant effect on prices.

Certain organizations such as credit unions, college sororities and auto clubs have deals with various insurance companies for providing significant discounts to their members. While all the clubs do not have these deals in place but you should check with the organization you are a member of to find out if there are any discounts.

Another way to get a discount is to take a defensive driving course as many insurance companies cut down the insurance premium in case you take a defensive driving course. It also comes with the additional benefit of making you a safer driver. Many car insurance companies offer some discount in case you set up automated payment such as scheduled charge to a credit card, auto debit to a checking account or something similar.

Many insurance companies also check your credit rating to calculate your car insurance premium. While some states prohibit insurance companies from using credit rating for deciding your car insurance premium, most states do not prevent insurance companies from using your credit rating.

So, you may seek out companies that do not perform credit checks or improve your credit to get a significant discount on your car insurance premium. Many auto insurance companies offer discounts for former as well as current members of the military and their family members.

Overall, there are a number of other ways to get significant discount on your car insurance. Also, most of the discounts offered by insurance companies are cumulative which means you might be able to save a lot of money if you are able to get several of these discounts.

Therefore, make sure that you ask about the discounts you are eligible for to make a serious dent in the car insurance premium.