Is Driving While Smoking Marijuana Illegal

Is It Illegal to Smoke Marijuana and Drive in the US

When it comes to the laws regarding pot, it can be difficult to keep up. Once upon a time, the smoking or possession of marijuana was illegal across the US.

However, that has been changing and today, many folks are wondering what that means as far as driving while under the influence among other things.

States across the nation have been decriminalizing marijuana, while some have been taking varying steps to legalize the substance. More than a decade ago, some states started passing laws to allow certain patients to have access to marijuana. These medical marijuana patients paved the way for increasing legality of the drug, which was once primarily imported from south of the border.

Along with the legalization came people who could grow the herb legally for the patients they served. These caregivers and growers were allowed to have access to marijuana, just like the patients could. Many of these growers worked for several people at once, helping them to obtain their medication with ease.

Research has been done and products made in these states that allow patients to further focus their activity to receive exactly the benefits that they are seeking. Whether looking for a body high or a mind, these patients can find educated men and women at the marijuana shops.

However, the legalization did not stop there. In addition to medical pot, several states have begun to pass laws allowing for recreational usage of marijuana. This is great for those who do not want to sneak around about smoking a joint once in a while. But it can become problematic when talking about the law.

Determining whether or not a person can use marijuana and then drive is a difficult thing to explain. Although it is illegal to get behind the wheel while intoxicated, it is not always a simple thing and there are some lawmakers who want folks to go to jail even for minute amounts of weed that could have been smoked days before.

So, the area in which a person lives will have something to do with the answer to this question. Because the laws are constantly changing, the rules that govern one case may not apply to a similar one just a year down the road. If you ever have a legal question, it is always best to err on the side of caution.

Also, speaking to a legal professional or finding current government documentation reflecting the rulings of recent cases is a way to protect yourself further.

Although the laws allowing for recreational use of marijuana have allowed greater freedoms for those who enjoy it, it can also put them at greater jeopardy for troubles with employers and legal officials.

Understanding the complicated laws in the country requires continual study, particularly in regards to marijuana where the subject is under a complete metamorphosis. It will indeed be interesting to see what the future holds for this herb now that it is being legalized.